There are a lot of hip-pop, R&B celebrities and fashionable people are wearing monster energy hats no matter the occasion is. We have also seen the world famous brands promote the coordination styles in collaboration with New Era. It is not only as simply as a hat.

In 1920, Ehrhardt Koch formally established a hat company, named E Koch Cap Co. and only had 14 employees, in Buffalo in New York. And the company renamed as New Era in 1922. This company designed the first baseball hat in 1932. Afterwards, it was exclusively authorized and began to specialize in supplying hats for the professional baseball teamCleveland Indians, which was their first team for special supply. By the forties of the twentieth century, New Era had become a company exclusively providing caps for many professional baseball teams. In the following, it began to intensely compete with such brands as Wilson, Spalding, Rawlings, etc.. In the late 1940s, New Era has been mainly in the production of hats that can be adjustable yet. To 1954, they combined Brooklyn style, re-designed the shape and color matching of the hats and made this series rename to 59Fifty. By 1965, nfl hats had provided hats to 10 Major Baseball League Teams. New Era designed the unique “full closure” hat in 1969. To 1974, New Era dedicated hats to 20-24 Major Baseball League Teams. In early 1980s, New Era could not only provide 23 Major Baseball League Teams caps, but also received large amount orders from schools, enterprises, international baseball teams and golf teams, etc…

In 1986 New Era launched a cap called MLB Diamond Collection which is provided to American baseball association. The public can also buy it from store. This activity yielded great success and it even became a popular trend to match everything with New Era hat at that time. In 1993, New Era Hats completely defeated its then major rivals and got the exclusively supplying license granted by American MLB.

Spike Lee, a famous American black director, personally presented to let New Era design an all-red model of hat for a film he was directing in 1996. The team hat of New York Yankees in white font made New Era rise to fame at that time. Among all people (adults, males, and women) from different walks on the streets of USA, you could see New Era cap.

In 2006, New Era Cap Company moved its headquarters from Buffalo’s suburbs to downtown area. In the same year, in May the first flagship store was opened in the SOHO district of New York City, in November the second flagship store was opened in the New Er March in 2007, New Era not only made stringent requirement of design, but also bravely innovated. To the aspect of cap material, company brought in the excellent performance of 100% polyester as a raw material based on the use of 100% pure wool. It marked a great change in their traditional process of producing hats after 20 years. In 2007 Spring, the third New Era flagship store was opened in London, the same year in August, New Era opened its flagship stores one after another in Toronto, Queen Street, Atlanta, Berlin, Birmingham, Japan, Korea and other countries.

Beginning from 1996 when New Era caps emerged in the film by famous Negro director Spike Lee, New Era has been more than a product infusing into people’s life, and it rather represents a culture, a big popular trend.