We can find that many hip-hop, R & B star and fashion people are wearing New Era Hats in any occasion. We have also seen many famous brands worked jointly with New Era to bring out cooperation styles. This is more than a hat.

In 1920, Ehrhardt Koch formally established a hat company, named E Koch Cap Co. and only had 14 employees, in Buffalo in New York. And the company renamed as New Era in 1922. In 1932, the company designed its first version of baseball cap and then gained the exclusive authority to provide the professional baseball for Cleveland Indians. This was the first team that they supplied. In 1940s, New Era provided caps for several professional baseball teams and then began to compete with other cap brands like Wilson, Spalding and Rawlings. In the end of 1940s, New Era still manufactured the caps what could adjust size. By 1954, New Era redesigned the exterior and color combining the style of Brooklyn, and rebranded it under the name “59Fifty”. In 1965, DC Shoes Hats had provided team cap for 10 Major League Baseball teams. In 1969 New Era designed a unique “full closure” cap. Until 1974, New Era exclusively provided the team cap for 20 to 24 Major League Baseball teams. In the early of 1980s, New Era could not only provide team hat for 23 baseball teams of big union but also got a large amount of orders from local enterprises of schools, international baseball teams and golf teams.

In 1986, New Era marketed one cap (named MLB Diamond Collection) for USA professional baseball alliance teams, and such caps could also sell to the public. The action got a great success, even at the time, it has become a popular trend that no matter what you are wearing New Era hat can match . In 1993, nfl hats completely defeated its main competitors and was granted special certificates for the manufacturers by the U.S. Major League Baseball.

In 1996 the famous black American director Spike Lee asked the New Era in person to design the New York Yankees team cap with a full red and white word in font, when he was directing a film, which made New Era famous at that time. New Era hat could be seen everywhere, on adults and children, men and women, the old and the young and in all fields in America.

In 2006, New Era Cap Company moved its headquater from the suburb of Buffalo to the busy CBD of the city. In May of the same year, the first flagship store opened in the SOHO district in New York City. In November of the same year, the second flagship sto In March,2007, New Era not only required a strict design but also was addicted to innovation. Regarding the material of Caps, except using 100% woolen, the company also introduced excellent 100% polyester as an original material. It stated that it was the first important change since they had been manufacturing traditional caps for 20 years. In the spring of 2007, The third flagship store was opened in London. On August of same year, Their flagship stores were opened one by one in Toronto, Queen Street, Atlanta, Berlin, Birmingham, Japan, Korea and so on.

From 1996 when New Era hat appeared in the famous black director Spike Lee’s films since, New Era has not only entered the lives of people as a commodity, it also represented a culture and a big popular trend.