Recently branch in Japan EK under a well-known name monster energy hats who manufactures sports hats has issued latest items for spring and summer of 2010.

The cap style released this time changes the previous image of New Era cap, breaking the sense of sports and showing people with a style of mature gentlemen. The series of products of EK by New Era are different from the traditional series of rim-flat caps of New Era, emphasizing on the casual non-sports features. The Fedora straw hats from Ek by New Era of the spring and summer series in 2010 which are brought out this time focus on light weight. And ventilation and causal sense are its main appeal.

The material knitted by hands is more comfortable to wear nfl hats in summer. The colorful bar on the hat is fashionable. There are golden, black and khaki colors for you to choice in this series of hat. Besides, there are different ribbon color design and very chic New Era LOGO design in it. Those who are tired with flat rim hat can try this new cap.

Overalls big-brand Dickies has been slowly diversifying into other areas; recently, it cooperates with King of Hats New Era. And they released two 59 FIFTY and one WM-01, which still preserved the Dickies’ feature of precise details on texture.

In 2008, Stussy cooperated with New Era and launched a series of dress hat that are very gentlemanlike. Stussy used the khaki material. You can see the logos of both Stussy and New Era on the side of the cap, so it is truly a rare product. Generally, if Stussy cooperated with New Era Hats, they would release some baseball cap but not this kind of hat. If you have chance to buy the top hat, you had better not miss.

The fashion brand Stussy has been leading fashion in street culture, sports and music field with multiple groups of categories. In sports circle, there are extreme sports like skateboard, bicycle motocross and the like, and in music circle there is Hip-Hop, Punk, etc. Stussy stabilizes its status by the all-round development. Stussy and the famous hat brand New Era continued design the flat hat style of 59 Fifty. Use water blue to be grounding and print ”Hawaii”” word. Even choose special flower figures in inner side of hat to set off the novelty of hat.

59 Fifty series of New York pigeon flat rim hat is released by cooperation of Staple, an outstanding Chinese ethnic designer and New Era. The New York Pigeon designed by Staple has been a classic pattern. Staple and New Era embroidered this classic pigeon on the hat front, they released 6 colors. There are a lot of cooperation histories about New Era with other brands if you recall carefully.