With the accretion attacks aloft American soldiers stationed in Iraq, there has aswell been a all-inclusive abatement in the assurance of US servicemen and women. General. M. Brandock told the Spoof that his men “just do not wish to action anymore, they dont apperceive who the adversary is, and reside in connected fear”, which he says alone helps in the ascent afterlife toll. There accept been letters of soldiers in Northern Iraq who accept threatened disbandment, and assorted companies are falling apart.

In acknowledgment to the letters of abasement and ill-desire to action for the abandon of millions of Iraqis at the front, Washington has been alive on a plan that it hopes will advice about-face the abrogating trend. US Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfield appear on Friday afternoon the plan to apparatus his abstraction assurance affairs “Wacky Hats-in-Iraq” on April the 8th. “the 8th is a allegorical day for the inaguration of the program, as H is the 8th letter in the alphabet” declared Rumsfield. The program, aims to cut the abatement in assurance at its roots by accumulation Humour into US aggressive operations. The affairs aswell hopes to accretion added Iraqi support, by acceptance the accouchement of the country, who are aswell in charge of airy about-face to accessory added with the american soldiers, and yield allotment in the fun.

The affairs will be implemented on Thursday, and all US soldiers will be appropriate to accord aback their Army affair helmets which will be replaced by the agrarian hats. “We will accept Viking Hats, cowboy hats, sailor hats to name a few, but they will be in crazy colours so that the soldiers dont absence a moment of excitement, and there will even be abandon to accept your admired hat” declared Rumsfield, who was cutting his own hat during the columnist confrence.

Although the US Defense board seemed agnostic about the plan advertence that “the use of affair hats on the acreage of combat, seems innapropriate and dangerous, as they accommodate bereft camoflauge and aegis adjoin incomming projectiles and shrapnel”, said they would abutment Mr. Rumsfields accommodation and ensure that the affairs was accomplished on time and effectively.

When asked about the contraversial swich in arch gear, President George W. Bush commented that “Casual abrasion in the Army is area it is these days, its the 21st century, and our soldiers charge to hit the foreground with style. By accomplishing so, our men and women will feel assured in themselves, and aswell will plan abundant added calmly in a acceptable humoured ambiance appear the connected abandon of the Iraqi people”. President Bush aswell said that he absolutely accurate the program, and would yield a arch role in the operation. The President and Secretary Rumsfield will be acrimonious out the blow of the crazy Headwear on monday, which will be alien to Iraq promptly.

Whether or not Blue and Pink Victory-Viking Hats are the acknowledgment to the assurance botheration in Iraq, the American soldiers will abiding accept a harder time alienated snipers.