Custom fitted hats are all the rage now a days. With the popularity of urban gear, hats are not only a to keep the sun off your head but a needed accessory. Unique hats are becoming very popular and stylish. Here are some of my thoughts on it.

Some of the hats you find are made by independent artist or by big manufacturers. Companies like New Era are the most popular amongst urban youth. As you notice some keep the tag on to show the authenticity of the baseball cap. This is to prove to others that the hat is not a knock off. They leave the sticker in the center to let people know it’s official. This is very trendy in today’s fashion. You can find these hats in every urban area.

The designs on the hats vary. Most of them are some sort of sports logo. Either college or professional teams. So take for example your New York Yankee’s hat. Instead of a traditional navy blue hat, they will have a powder blue or mustard yellow. They also take the logos and over size them or make the crooked. This is a sense of independence with the hat but showing your team spirit. I really like hats like this because they bring originality and uniqueness to a boring hat. Some are outlandish while others are subtle. It is an art form and should be treated as so. Some people are traditional and like to have things old fashion. Me personally, I am an enthusiast of the cap and welcome any type of new styles.

If your looking to buy these hats you can find them on the internet or at your local mall. They are very easy to find and cost about 20 to 30 dollars.

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