There are countless opportunities for you to dive into at the drop of the hat. Believe me, there is no shortage of strong new Network Marketing companies and great ideas in the marketplace but there are also some pitfalls that many unsuspecting novices fall into everyday that never cease to amaze me.

First of all, I assuming you been doing a little homework on the subject already, so some of what I share may be a review but it will serve as an affirmation that these are things yo want to look for in a new Network Marketing company. That said, it is;t an exhaustive list either as the white space here is rather confined. So let’s get started:

1. Strong management team – do your homework on who the executive leaders are before you jump into something that may be here today and gone tomorrow. New Network Marketing companies come and go heavily based on strong or poor management, respectively.

2. A valuable “In demand” Product – make sure that the product you are selling has value and is in demand. Both are equally important, one for your reputation in the business community and the other fr profitability. Bottom line, I know many a distributor selling a solid respectable product but their checks are bouncing like basketballs because there’s no demand for the stuff.

3. A turnkey, proven marketing plan – Here is really where the rubber meets the road. In this new era of web technology and quicker, better faster distribution a well oiled marketing funnel that anyone can plug right into is critical. Ideally, a new network marketing company will have incorporated turnkey marketing tools and strategies that can be employed using the internet in a couple hours a day.

As you continue your quest for the work from home solution, make sure to ask these questions about any new Network Marketing companies you consider. And, by the way if anyone ever tells you that you can’t run a profitable Network Marketing Business without ever leaving your house, send them this article!