Effective positioning and branding are synonymous to cyber presence in today’s times. If we talk of great online business and a powerful positioning in the dot com galaxy, high rankings are imperative for the same. The higher the ranking, the better your branding on the web. So what’s the trick, you ask? SE optimization, yes it is!

Well, in the present era SE optimization is the most predominant technique to have a strong footprint in the web world. However, crucial is to opt for white hat organic SEO services or ethical SEO practices instead of black hat search engine optimization strategies to deliberately get in the good books of Google and likes.

Let’s look at the difference between black hat and white hat SEO:


Also known as the ethical SEO practice, white hat SEO practices comply with search engine guidelines and adhere to neat practices or the right SEO conduct. White hat SEO techniques help websites match a relevant search engine ranking algorithm. This is an attempt to improve a website’s positioning on search engine without causing search engines to penalize them for illegal approach.

* Using different links for separate pages on the website.

* Ensuring that unique, optimized, relevant and informative content is used for the website. * Create inbound links that are preferably advertised through social media sites.* Refrain from exchanging links with a website that has low ranking on search engines. * Add fresh and new content everyday or often. * Use absolute and correct HTML markup so that SEs can identify the headings and other significant elements. * Site maps are important so that crawlers or bots can crawl through every page. * Try and use CSS to segregate content from markup and thus increasing the keyword density. * Optimize pages for social media to invite some links through social media platform as well.


Black hat SEO is often termed as spam SEO techniques or unethical SEO practices. This is primarily the methodology to use manipulative SEO practices to gain higher ranking on SEs. These practices are not determined in the guidelines of search engines and not acceptable by them either. Black hat SEO has no benefit to readers and the aim is primarily to rank higher on search engines no matter what it takes!

* Contents are stuffed with keywords. Keywords are desperately overused in comment tags, alt tags, visible text, meta tags and hidden text. * Content is either deceptive or cloaked that is often not apparent to the reader. * Duplicated contents or stolen matter from other sites. * Practicing spamming on forums, blogs, and other social media sites. * Over usage of links in order to attract undue attention of SEs. * False doorway pages. * Security exploitation.

In a nutshell, white hat SEO strategies are more beneficial, even if they take a little while to climb the search engine ranking pages ladder. They take a slower growth route but the longer run benefits are diverse. Whereas black hat SEO may seem deceptive and alluring, but can get your website penalized or banned by SEs. What’s your call?